The Dog Walker who Became An Aunt

So, I told yall I have a new dog.  With my long work hours/commute, I needed someone to come in and walk him during the day.  Yes, I was skeptical, especially being raised by old-school parents who do not believe in letting people in your house that you do not know especially WHEN YOU’RE NOT HOME.  But what else was I going to do?  Bentley needs exercise and to do his business.  So, I peruse Stafford Talk, a Facebook group seeing who others use and happen upon Erika who owns a dog walking service.  I was still wary but our first conversation put me at ease! 

In the weeks that I have known her, she has showered me with so much information and helped ease the transition of having someone else in my house (yes, I know it’s a dog).  Her life hacks and tips on why he does what he does has been so clutch that I have told everyone about her.  I no longer have to say “my dog walker”.  I just say “Erika”. 

And now she is my “Aunt”.  I have adopted this wonderful 50-year-old white woman as my Aunt and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only does she help me with Bentley, but she listens to my other life events.  I feel blessed.  She’s dope!

Kelli LittleComment