Suicide Rates Going Up


As the Clark Sisters say in their hit song “Pray 4 the USA”, “suicide rates going up…”  I’m not sure what’s going on (besides the world going to shit), but my goodness!  According to, approximately 105 Americans die by suicide EVERY DAY which means this is occurring every 12 minutes.  Jesus!  And of course with the recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, it is once again in the spotlight.  But what happens next week?  Wait.  Are we even talking about it THIS week?  I don’t see anything about helping those dealing with depression.  Was talking about it just a fad? Cause guess what?  People are still dying by suicide (I refuse to say “committing”). 

But back to the subject.  What are we doing to help besides posting the Suicide Hotline number or telling people to pray?  Meet them where they’re at.  Sometimes that means going to see them and sometimes it means being an ear.  But whatever it takes, do it.  And if by some chance, they succeed in leaving this world, PLEASE do not blame yourself.  And actually, THEN is the time to pray.  Pray for the family’s peace, but most importantly, pray for YOURS. 

Kelli LittleComment