My New Dog

Indulge me if you will.  I just got a dog. My FIRST dog ever in life.  His name is Bentley.  For anyone that knew me during my formative years, you know that I WAS deathly afraid of them, especially the big ones, and yet here I am with a boxer LOL!  He’s my adorable old man (we think he’s 4-6 years old LOL).  I love that little man already even though sometimes I just want to know what possesses him to do the things he does.  For example, why does he STAY on my heels?!  Why does he decide to put his butt right against the tree and then poop so it slides down it?  Why did he decide he wanted to shoot his poop through thru the holes in the fence? 


Did I mention that he’s smart as all get out?  I was working on this here blog and apparently he didn’t like it.  So what does he do?  He took my wireless mouse out of my hand and put it in his crate in the other room, came back to where I was sitting, used his big head to bump my hand up, grab my hand in his mouth and use his paw to tell me he wanted me to rub his head.  What dog does this?  He’s a spoiled brat but he’s mine.

I also suspect he might have been a service dog in his previous life.  The things he does, I hear are not normal for regular dogs.  For example, I live on the second floor, so when I take him out for walks, as we’re walking down the steps, he stops every few steps to make sure I’m right behind him and he’s not leaving me behind.  I also do not have to pull his leash to go in the right direction, he notices which way my body is turning and follows.  Grant it, if there’s a dog nearby, it really doesn’t matter where I’m going because he’s going to the dog…or he tries.  He has no chill when it comes to other dogs smh. My poor Bentley.

I admit, I still have thoughts of waking up to him hovering over me ready to eat me, but I try to put that out of my mind and enjoy his company.  And although he has completely turned my life upside down, I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Kelli LittleComment