Blessed Be the Fruit

Do you believe that a lot of things we're shown on television is to condition us to what is coming?  I'm not a conspiracy theorist....ok I am, but please know The Handmaid's Tale is not by happenstance.  The "Elite" or "Powers that Be" are gauging our response to various forms of "entertainment" to see if the time is right.  Yeah, I may sound crazy, but I truthfully believe a time is coming where we will no longer have the freedoms we enjoy right now.  Just look at our government.  A lot of the laws that were in place to protect us and give us a somewhat enjoyable life are being repealed by the current administration.  Where does this leave us?  I know I don't want to be a handmaid or a "Martha".  

Speaking of "Martha", have yall noticed that everything done there is accordance to the Bible....or so they say?  I'm not the most saved one on the planet (or even on my block for that matter), but I know when scripture is being misinterpreted/misused.  

Kelli LittleComment