Religious Formalities...For WHAT?!


What is with all these traditions and things that HAVE to happen before you can “walk” in your calling? Was the person called by God or man? I’m asking because my sister was just appointed Elder in the AME church, but she had to go through a buttload of red tape before she could be ordained. I understand the whole “study to show yourself approved”, but the actual ALL DAY ceremony and votes and whatnot is just ridiculous. It’s almost easier to be Baptist LOL. You announce to the Pastor that you’ve been called to preach…he says both have a couple of sessions…you schedule a date for your initial sermon…do said initial sermon and move on. No all day “we have to see if you’re worthy” type of business. AND they STAY trying to give you a church to be over and you were JUST ordained. THAT is when I think training or at least shadowing is necessary.

Honestly, it just seems a bit much. Jesus called his disciples, taught them for a period of time and then sent them out to proclaim the Good News. Maybe this is why people are getting away from RELIGION and focusing more on RELATIONSHIP. Jesus didn’t die on the cross for a bunch of formalities.

Kelli LittleComment