Often, Hollywood has a way of being used to show the rest of the population what is to come, and I don’t think this is any different.  In the game, a hacker group name DeadSec is so called “saving the world” by hacking into various mainframes to either gather or destroy information.  Along the way, the main character can use his phone to hack into innocent bystander’s bank accounts and wire funds to his account without them realizing it until it’s too late.  All it takes is him sending them a text, they open it and BAM! Money gone!  That’s alarming enough, but the biggest thing I found, especially considering my 9-5 job, is they hacked satellites all around the world and disrupted communications worldwide.  Remember, this is all to “save the world” from crooks and criminals, but uh…you guessed it…isn’t what they are doing criminal? Your thoughts?

Kelli LittleComment