Mila Buckley aka The Hangry Woman

Hey Mila!  Thank you so much for agreeing to Chop it Up with me today!  Let’s get into it!

The Fork Life: I first started following you because of the deliciousness you post on your IG!  What has been your favorite dish thus far?


The Hangry Woman: Thank you! I think a favorite dish of mine so far has been this Stawberry Galette I made. It’s this really rough and rustic tart that I did with store-bought crust and overripe strawberries. It was one of those things that I thought “Eh, this is going to be alright.” But it was this light, and bright dessert that everyone keeps asking me to make!

TFL: Checking out your recipe section, there are so many recipes I want to try! Have you created a dish where you thought it was going be dope but ended being blah?  Which one?

THW: So many times! The blah dishes never make it to the blog, but always get served up for dinner to my poor husband! One dish that I thought was going to be this smash hit was these lemon cookies. I’m a great cook, but a terrible baker, so I should never be surprised when I try. These cookies had the flavor, but they were the biggest fail of all time. They spread too much, and weren’t even shaped like a cookie. To this day I STILL haven’t tried the recipe again. I don’t want that fail on my hands!

TFL: I see you’re also into traveling.  What has been your most rewarding trip?

THW: I loved Portland, Oregon so much. For one, it was a culture shock for me. I live in Houston, Texas which is one of the most diverse cities in America, so when I “stuck out” to people (being one of very few people of color I saw on my trip), it was an interesting experience. I also loved that it was just a different kind of scenery. Houston is flat and oftentimes brown. Portland was lush, and green, and cold, and hilly - all of these surroundings that I never get. I just loved being able to witness nature in this beautiful way. The food in Portland was also surprisingly delicious. The Pacific Northwest just has completely different flavors than the South! I’m glad I’ve gotten to experience both!

TFL: What are some ingredients you have discovered during your travels that are now a “must have”?

THW: After traveling, I’m a much bigger fan of pickled veggies. I love the crunch, and the sourness that helps to enhance a dish when you use pickled food! Pickled red onions are probably my absolute favorite. I’m also a big fan of Kimchi.

TFL: Your blog also offers a diabetes resource section.  How did you handle changing your lifestyle after receiving your diagnosis?


THW: Hangry Woman is the really the way I was able to deal with the upheaval in my life after finding out I had diabetes. Every time I would tell some one about my illness I would get all of these questions - some that I knew the answer to, and some that I didn’t and I started writing about the questions I would get, whether they made me feel good or not. Diabetes has this incredibly horrible perception issue. Most people don’t know what it really is, and what causes it, and there’s a lot of misinformation about it. I wanted to be able to stop that misinformation, but also show people that you can live a life that you enjoy, while still getting to eat good food. I didn’t handle it very well at first, but having the blog and being accountable to so many people who want to know how I’m doing has been the encouragement I needed to keep going. It has also given me the space to be creative about what I cook and eat, and show people the flexibility that exists in the lifestyle.

TFL: For those that have been diagnosed with diabetes, what is your advice for them, especially if they are foodies?

THW: I would tell someone who is recently diagnosed to find a community online and meet people who understand what they’re going through read blogs from people who are dealing with it like you are. That support is crucial to surviving the day to day. I would also let them know that there’s no harm in talking about your struggles. None of us are perfect, but the ups and downs good lessons to be learned.

TFL: What is next for The Hangry Woman?

THW: Well, I’m getting asked all of the time by other bloggers and influencers how I’ve gotten to where I am through my blog. I’ve been blogging since 2011, and it wasn’t always a success, but I’m teaching others what I know through coaching sessions. I firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell - not all of them are great stories, but I want to help people find a way to tell their best stories, and captivate the world.

TFL: Thank you again for Chopping it Up!  It's been fun!

THW: It was a pleasure to think through these! 

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