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*Be sure to check out the video below to find out how the name "Lesbinthekitchen" came about as well as why she keeps her day job!*

Thank you so much for Chopping it Up with me while you’re preparing for a BBQ later this evening.  Let’s get into it!

The Fork Life: You’re preparing a meal for the new royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel. What is on the menu?

Lobster Bisque Mac and Cheese  By the way, this was AMAZING.  The flavors were subtle and kept me looking forward to each bite!

Lobster Bisque Mac and Cheese

By the way, this was AMAZING.  The flavors were subtle and kept me looking forward to each bite!

Aarum Hurse: Wow! Coming with the questions quick LOL! I would make them this lobster bisque mac and cheese. I would do a honey and basil crusted rack of lamb, pureed sweet potato mash with a little sea salt and brown sugar, sauteed baby carrots and a summer salad with fennel apples, smoked gouda cheese and a cheery summer vinaigrette.

TFL: Speaking of lobster bisque, you are actually allergic to seafood.  How do you handle that when it comes to cooking for clients?

AH: So gloves hahahaha! I usually pop an allergy pill. I also use a lot of my friends for tasters when we're just kicking it, hanging out and doing dinner parties. I may cook some shrimp and they let me know “okay, you're on point or you're good”. The great thing about seafood is it doesn't take long to cook, so there's no chance really of me overcooking it. It is literally fish or shrimp or crab or lobster so it gives you that visual of “I'm done”. So once it's no longer clear, it’s done. So that's how I do it and so far no problems. Usually, there's some type of seafood on every menu I make for a client because that's the name of the game, especially if you're doing large events.

TFL: Your food presentation is amazing!  What is your thought process during plating?

AH:  Minimal.  When you're posting for the picture and Instagram, you want to make it as tight and neat as possible. So that definitely looks different than you're going to get a plate of barbecue or whatever. So just trying to make sure that the photo will look great, but also just copying what I see. What the professionals are doing is tight and neat and small so I do that now. And then after I post the picture, I load my plate up and go for it.

TFL: Who do you look to for mentorship in the industry?

AH: So far, just me. I don't have any mentors personally. I watch a lot of chef shows. I look up to a lot of chefs that are already doing this. But in the end, I just go with my gut.

TFL: As a personal chef, what has been your most rewarding experience?

AH: Last year me and my friend did an event for 600 to 700 people back to back nights. We made 800 appetizers. All of them were eaten. I've never seen that at an event. I go to an event and the food is still there. So that was like “Yes!”. Or running into people. I just ran into someone a month ago and they were like, “Hey, you cooked for that event, are you cooking again this year?”  So just having people remember the food and wanting it again.

TFL: What advice do you have for someone who is currently working outside of the culinary world but is contemplating being a chef?

AH: I would definitely say if culinary school is your route and you want to do that, then go ahead. When I fell into this, it definitely was a “no”. I already have two degrees, I was not going back to college to figure it out. But just figure out what your lane is, what your style is. I'm still cultivating my style. I'm still learning. I watch a lot of food shows. I definitely have a natural gift for it, so that makes it a lot easier for me. And then every time it's the first time, so cooking is never easy. I'm always nervous. I'm nervous right now. It's like you get one time.  You can’t be like “oh that sucked? My bad”. So I would just say just stay true to who you are and if you have a passion for it, figure out what your lane is and go for it.

TFL: Thank you so much for Chopping it Up with me!

AH: Thank you again for wanting to chat with me!

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