Marie Bure Roho

The Fork Life: Usually, grits are made with water.  What was the inspiration behind making them with coconut milk instead?

Marie Bure Roho: Many of my meals are inspired by various Caribbean and African cultures. Coconut milk can be found in dishes as well as drinks. It adds a different flavor and a creaminess everyone can appreciate in grits specifically. I decided to add it once I knew the direction I wanted to go in with the shrimp. I guess you can call it FUSION lol.

TFL: What did you season the shrimp with or is that a family secret?

Caribbean-inspired shrimp and grits made with coconut milk and seasoned with curry, peppers and onions.

Caribbean-inspired shrimp and grits made with coconut milk and seasoned with curry, peppers and onions.

MBR: I will tell you that I used curry. Often times when a great curry is used, you only need to add a few other ingredients depending on the taste you want. The sweetness of the mahjarah curry powder enhanced the pink Argentinian shrimp I used (however you must wash that shrimp thoroughly because it's a bit sandy.)

TFL: You have a large family to cook for.  What is your go-to meal that has everyone licking their fingers afterwards? 

MBR: My go to meal would be spaghetti. Of course, I never do the traditional combination of tomato sauce, meat and pasta. I usually add list of peppers for spice and many different kinds of veggies. Because I have one daughter who is vegetarian and one that is pescatarian (with many allergies), I have to be careful and creative when I cook. It's one of the ways I show/give love.

TFL: What meal have you prepared knowing it was going to be amazing and ended up being a fail ? 

MBR: I remember making a banana loaf last week lol. I'm not a baker but I want to be. Recently I've started practicing more. Well with this one I added much too much baking powered and it was more like a brick than a loaf of sweet goodness lol. I think they have forgiven me for that one.

TFL: Having never had the pleasure of tasting your cooking, what meal would you prepare? 

MBR: When I cook, it often indicates my mood. Sometimes I cook just to feed (functional). Other times I can prepare a meal of panang and fresh fruit because I'm feeling sexy and sharing one bowl is also love to me. Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic so I will make my mother’s mac and cheese (I add yummy smoked cheese to that). I would cook what I am feeling...

TFL: Thank you so much for Chopping It Up with me this week!

MBR: Thank you Jae!

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