Chef Angell Morris


The Fork Life: First of all, congratulations on your new restaurant!  I see your main cuisine is comfort food. What will be the signature dish?

Chef Angell: Thank you for your well wishes for my recent blessing as a restaurant owner. This is a huge step for me. It is something I always dreamed of, and now it is a reality. So I appreciate you very much.  I have pondered this question since you sent these questions.  The Spanish Salmon in Roasted Garlic & Shallot Cream is one of my most favorite dishes to make and it taste phenomenal.  Salmon is an awesome protein that has so many different ways to execute it, but it is also a blank canvas and can hold up to many flavor profiles.  This will be a star dish on the upcoming menu.

TFL: Describe the vision for your restaurant.

CA:  Signatures By Angell Bistro will be your home away from home, date night, get cozy with your partner while enjoying soothing, relaxation from the sounds of live music.  A small, soulfully rustic bistro that will serve comfort foods with a tasteful elevated spin.  I call my food “eclectic soul fusion”, taking flavors from different cultures and using those profiles in the comfort foods I have grown up eating. 

TFL: Who or what got you most excited about cooking?

CA:  I have always had a daring palate; never really been afraid to try anything once. Growing up in the projects most of my childhood, we ate a lot of poverty meals that my mother made taste wonderful. She was my first influence. As an adult, Iron Chef (the original) became my creative drive for food. It taught me about ingredients I had never heard of and origins. This also caused me to go looking for these ingredients through markets or restaurants. If I loved or liked a dish, I would try to recreate that same dish at home.  Once I felt I accomplished the duplicate I would try to use different seasonings for the same dish.  For example, changing a Fettuccine Alfredo dish to a Curry Goat Fettuccine Alfredo, fusing Caribbean and Italian cuisine into a new flavorful dish.  That is my style of cooking.

TFL:  What is your favorite comfort dish that reminds you of home?

CA:  Absolutely, Shepherd’s Pie. Just typing it made me smile.  My Grandmother made it all the time and I loved it.  I was also one of the first meals she let me help her make.  Simple ground beef, mashed potatoes, corn and cheese.  I recreated that dish recently with ground lamb & turkey, mixed wild mushrooms, purple mashed potatoes with mascarpone cheese, grilled corn and mozzarella cheese on top with a gravy made from the ground meat drippings.  I believe she would be very proud of that dish.

TFL:  Which chef would you love to cook for?

CA:  I would have to say Chef Michael Symon.  That was so tough because my favorite chef is Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, however, she is not as rustic as Michael.  Chef Symon eats anything and I love that about him.  The grandest of foods to the corner deli, Chef Symon appears to love it all much like me.

TFL:  What new ingredient, cooking style or food trend are you excited about right now?

CA:  I love the new pescatarian movement, mainly because I love any reason to cook with seafood.  I am a person who, as much as I love to cook with different meats, I will simply eat a wonderful piece of fish over a tasty salad and be totally satisfied.

TFL:  Thank you so much for agreeing to Chop it Up with us today!  I look forward to visiting your bistro and tasting EVERYTHING on the menu!

CA:  Thank you for reaching out to me about being a part of your blog!

Chef Angell is now taking catering bookings for 2018!

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