Nāpualokelani Kamakele

The Fork Life: Having never had Hawaiian cuisine, what dish would you prepare for me to win me over?

Pua: Wow, that’s hard.  First let me say though that Hawaiian cuisine is very broad because of the many ethnicities that make Hawai’i what it is.  You have traditional Hawaiian cuisine, which are dishes like kalua pig, laulau and poi and then you have what we call “island” food like plate lunches you find at local eateries such as L&L Drive Inn that include beef curry, hamburger steak, fried noodles and chicken katsu. SO, to answer your question, I would prepare for you a couple of dishes:  kalua pig, lomi lomi salmon, shoyu chicken & Portuguese bean soup.

TFL: What ingredient do you HAVE to have in your house at all times?

Fried noodles with spam, fish cake and green onion.

Fried noodles with spam, fish cake and green onion.

Pua: Man, another tough question! No can be just one (sorry that’s my pidgin English, which was my first language, talking)!  Spam, rice, shoyu (soy sauce) and Tabasco!

TFL: What dish have you made that you just knew was going to be amazing and it ended up sucking?

Pua: I remember this happening once after following a recipe I found online, but I can’t remember what the dish was.  Yes, it happens to me sometimes, LOL.

TFL: I know you’re into Crossfit.  What is your go-to meal after an intense workout to recover?

Napua: Something with rice.  Rice is my ultimate “go to” because that is the side everyone eats in HI instead of potatoes or grits.  My spam fried rice is the best.

TFL: What is the ultimate goal for #CookingwithPua?

Pua: It started out as something fun to where I could share with my FB friends the kinds of food we eat and that I like to cook.  Then when I would meet up with people or see people randomly they would say stuff like, “Eh, we like watching Cooking With Pua! When you going do one noddah video?”  And I was shocked!  I had no idea people were really watching and wanting more.  I’ve been thinking of how I can make it grow and eventually want to have regular content.  I’ve already featured a guest chef (a legit, world renowned chef – Kaimana Chee) and would like to have more features as well. 

TFL: Thank you so much for Chopping it Up!  I appreciate it!

Pua: Thank you!

Check out one her delicious creations below!

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