Guest Blogger Kelly Fronczek's Love Affair w/Non Dairy Ice Cream

According to the “experts”, humans should not consume cow’s milk, like ever.  And many adults have figured out that once they leave their childhood years behind, they can no longer enjoy that bowl of ice cream, or that dreamy Leprechaun milk shake, or a covert bowl of their kid’s coco puffs without regretting it within the hour.  Bloated, gassy, and miserable are we.  But yet we love our cow milk and the dairy deliciousness that we have enjoyed since we were little tiny humans. 


But what if I said that you can have your ice cream and eat it too?  Without the discomfort?  Yes!  I have stumbled upon So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt AND ice cream!!!  Yes friends, I was skeptical. Ice cream made from Coconut milk?!  I have tried Halo Top, Arctic Zero, Enlightened.  None of them came close to replicating the pint sized dairy deliciousness I was searching for.  Enter So Delicious.  I tried the strawberry banana yogurt and wow!  The creamy texture and fruity flavor made actually smile! My favorite dairy yogurt is actually Noosa.  So Delicious topped it!  And no bloating or discomfort!  I wanted more!

Well enter the ice cream division.  I bought two coconut milk flavors: Mocha Almond Fudge and Cookie Dough. The mocha almond fudge is dangerously delicious.  I am not one to eat a lot of ice cream in a sitting, so a pint can last a long time.  Months even.  This pint of mocha fudgy almond bliss may not last through the weekend and it’s Wednesday as I write this.  The cookie dough is a vanilla dream with chocolate chip bits and lovely chunks of cookie dough.  It’s heavenly.  

And, if you prefer cashew milk ice cream, or are curious about it, So Delicious also has a line of cashew milk ice cream.  I also tasted the Bananas Foster ice cream and that was about my tipping point into dessert heaven. So please, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the decadence of So Delicious yogurt/ice cream products.

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