Cajun Veggie Pasta

I asked her for the recipe but she’s one of those annoying creatives who just makes stuff up as she goes along. She doesn’t measure and she rarely makes the same dish the exact same way twice. Her suggestion is to grab a bag of your favorite organic pasta. For this recipe she used penne pasta. She sautéed red, yellow, and orange peppers in olive oil with freshly minced garlic. In a separate pan, she sautéed baby bella mushrooms. In ANOTHER skillet, she sautéed fresh spinach until it was barely wilted. Once the pasta was done, she seasoned the heck out of it with Cajun seasoning, tossed it in butter and added as much freshly shaved parmesan cheese as she could stand. She also added a little almond milk and stirred until the pasta was just as cheesy as all get out. She then tossed in all the veggies, added freshly chopped tomato and fresh basil to the mix, threw it on a plate and said “try this.” Although my normal philosophy is “all vegan and vegetarian dishes taste better with chicken,” I had to hand it to her. This veggie pasta was the bomb!

Kelli LittleComment