Jae Slae

Virginia native Jae Slae developed a passion for food while completing a degree in journalism from Norfolk State University. It was through her studies that she saw a natural connection between design, cuisine and writing. The last decade has grown her fascination with delicious food into numerous small businesses for herself and others, primarily focused on bringing beautiful and delicious content to her readers. Her current passion – The Fork Life – aims to bring hidden gems and well-known restaurants to your dining table through approachable, tailored reviews and critiques. Jae explores farmer’s markets, personal chefs, pop-up eateries and fine dining establishments to provide her readers with what they need to know in order to make the perfect selection on date night, a special occasion or a Tuesday when you don’t want to cook. As a certified taste concierge, put the days of mindless Yelp reviews behind you and trust a true local to guide you to the best dishes and chefs northern Virginia has to offer!

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